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Getting Started with Weave GitOps

This hands-on guide will introduce you to the basics of the GitOps Dashboard web UI, to help you understand the state of your system, before deploying a new application to your cluster. It is adapted from this guide - Flux - Getting Started.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our introduction to Weave GitOps and our installation docs.

TL;DR: Highlights

  • Applications view - allows you to quickly understand the state of your deployments across a cluster at a glance. It shows summary information from kustomization and helmrelease objects.
  • Sources view - shows the status of resources which are synchronizing content from where you have declared the desired state of your system, for example Git repositories. This shows summary information from gitrepository, helmrepository and bucket objects.
  • Flux Runtime view - provides status on the GitOps engine continuously reconciling your desired and live state. It shows your installed GitOps Toolkit Controllers and their version.