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gitops install#

Install or upgrade GitOps


The install command deploys GitOps in the specified namespace, adds a cluster entry to the GitOps repo, and persists the GitOps runtime into the repo. If a previous version is installed, then an in-place upgrade will be performed.

gitops install [flags]


  # Install GitOps in the wego-system namespace  gitops install --config-repo=ssh://


      --auto-merge           If set, 'gitops install' will automatically update the default branch for the configuration repository      --config-repo string   URL of external repository that will hold automation manifests      --dry-run              Outputs all the manifests that would be installed  -h, --help                 help for install

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -e, --endpoint string    The Weave GitOps Enterprise HTTP API endpoint      --namespace string   The namespace scope for this operation (default "wego-system")  -v, --verbose            Enable verbose output


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