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Weave GitOps


Command line utility for managing Kubernetes applications via GitOps.


  # Get verbose output for any gitops command  gitops [command] -v, --verbose
  # Get gitops app help  gitops help app
  # Add application to gitops control from a local git repository  gitops add app . --name <myapp>  OR  gitops add app <myapp-directory>
  # Add application to gitops control from a github repository  gitops add app \    --name <myapp> \    --url<myapp> \    --branch prod-<myapp>
  # Get status of application under gitops control  gitops get app podinfo
  # Get help for gitops add app command  gitops add app -h  gitops help add app
  # Show manifests that would be installed by the gitops install command  gitops install --dry-run
  # Install gitops in the wego-system namespace  gitops install
  # Get the version of gitops along with commit, branch, and flux version  gitops version
  To learn more, you can find our documentation at


  -e, --endpoint string    The Weave GitOps Enterprise HTTP API endpoint  -h, --help               help for gitops      --namespace string   The namespace scope for this operation (default "wego-system")  -v, --verbose            Enable verbose output


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