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Version: 0.9.5


We ❤️ your comments and suggestions as we look to make successfully adopting a cloud-native approach, to application deployment on Kubernetes with GitOps, easier and easier. There are a number of ways you can reach out:


To help us understand how we can improve your experience with Weave GitOps, and prioritise enhancements, we would like to collect anonymised usage data. Currently, only the gitops CLI has any notion of telemetry, however we would like to expand this to Weave GitOps in the future.

gitops CLI

No personally identifiable information is collected, we use an implementation based on to notify users of newly available updates, as well as collecting basic CLI metrics, up to 2 verbs, without any flags or user provided information.

For example the command: gitops add cluster --from-template <template-name> --set key=val --dry-run Would report the following: gitops add cluster alongside:

  • OS/Arch - for example, darwin
  • Version of gitops - for example, 0.6.2-RC1
  • Whether the version of gitops is a release candidate or full release, yes/no
  • A signature, when possible to derive from system uuid, to determine a non-identifiable (based on all other data) unique user.

You can opt-out at any time by issuing:


Weaveworks privacy policy is available here.