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Version: 0.9.5

Releases enterprise



  • Tenancy
    • gitops create tenant now supports --prune to remove old resources from the cluster if you're not using --export with gitops.
    • deploymentRBAC section in tenancy.yaml allows you to specify the permissions given to the flux Kustomizations that will apply the resources from git to your tenants' namespaces in the cluster.
    • Support for OCIRepository sources when restricting/allowing the sources that can be applied into tenants' namespaces.
  • Templates
    • Templates now support helm functions for simple transformations of values: {{ .params.CLUSTER_NAME | upper }}
    • Templates has moved to its own page in the UI, this is the first step in moving towards embracing them as a more generic feature, not just for cluster creation.
    • If a version is not specified in a template profile annotation it can be selected by the user.
    • A namespace can be specified in the template profile annotation that will be provided as the HelmRelease's targetNamespace by default.
  • Bootstrapping
    • A ClusterBootstrapConfig can now optionally be triggered when phase="Provisioned", rather than ControlPlaneReady=True status.

Dependency versions

  • weave-gitops v0.9.5
  • cluster-controller v1.3.2
  • cluster-bootstrap-controller v0.3.0
  • (optional) policy-agent 1.1.0

Known issues

  • [UI] Notifications page shows a 404 instead of the notification-controller's configuration.

⚠️ Breaking changes from v0.9.4

If using the policy-agent included in the weave-gitops-enterprise helm chart, the configuration should now be placed under the config key.


enabled: true
accountId: "my-account"
clusterId: "my-cluster"


enabled: true
accountId: "my-account"
clusterId: "my-cluster"