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Version: 0.5.0


Weave GitOps is a continuous delivery runtime that enables GitOps. Based on the popular CNCF Flux project, Weave GitOps is a highly effective way to enable GitOps automation for continuous delivery of Kubernetes and Cloud Native applications.

Getting Started

See Installation and Getting Started


  • Continuous Delivery based on Git - every change in your cluster is based on a PR and Commit. The result is auditable, effective delivery with instant rollbacks
  • Designed for Kubernetes - Weave GitOps works seamlessly with Kubernetes clusters
  • Declarative automation - by using declarative automation, Weave GitOps can ensure that your cluster state is continuously reconciled to the required configuration
  • Works with your existing tools - effective built in integrations with Helm, Kustomize, Github and Github Actions, Gitlab, and others