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Version: 0.5.0



Kubernetes Cluster#

Weave GitOps is compatible with conformant Kubernetes distributions which match the minimum required version level of Flux.


The gitops command-line interface is currently supported on Mac (x86 and Arm), and Linux including WSL.

Windows support is a planned enhancement.

Git Providers#

Weave GitOps currently supports SaaS versions of GitHub and GitLab (CLI only).

Installing the Weave GitOps CLI#

To install the Gitops CLI, please follow the following steps:

curl -L "$(uname)-$(uname -m).tar.gz" | tar -xz -C /tmpchmod +x /tmp/gitopssudo mv /tmp/gitops /usr/local/bin/gitopsgitops version

Alternatively, macOS users can use Homebrew:

brew tap weaveworks/tapbrew install weaveworks/tap/gitopsgitops version

You should see:

Current Version: v0.5.0-rc0.4.1-13-gb563109GitCommit: b563109BuildTime: 2021-12-02_19:21:32Branch: HEADFlux Version: v0.21.0