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Version: 0.5.0



Kubernetes Cluster

Weave GitOps is compatible with conformant Kubernetes distributions which match the minimum required version level of Flux.


The gitops command-line interface is currently supported on Mac (x86 and Arm), and Linux including WSL.

Windows support is a planned enhancement.

Git Providers

Weave GitOps currently supports SaaS versions of GitHub and GitLab (CLI only).

Installing the Weave GitOps CLI

To install the Gitops CLI, please follow the following steps:

curl -L "$(uname)-$(uname -m).tar.gz" | tar -xz -C /tmp
chmod +x /tmp/gitops
sudo mv /tmp/gitops /usr/local/bin/gitops
gitops version

Alternatively, macOS users can use Homebrew:

brew tap weaveworks/tap
brew install weaveworks/tap/gitops
gitops version

You should see:

Current Version: v0.5.0-rc0.4.1-13-gb563109
GitCommit: b563109
BuildTime: 2021-12-02_19:21:32
Branch: HEAD
Flux Version: v0.21.0