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Version: 0.4.1

GitOps Dashboard

Weave GitOps provides a web UI to help you quickly understand your Application deployments and perform common operations, such as adding a new Application to be deployed to your cluster. The gitops binary contains an HTTP server that can be used to start this browser interface as per the instructions below:

To run the dashboard:

$ gitops ui run
INFO[0000] Opening browser at
INFO[0000] Serving on port 9001
Opening in existing browser session.

Your browser should open to the Weave GitOps UI:

Weave GitOps UI

What information can I discover about my Applications?

Applications being managed by Weave GitOps are displayed in a list. Clicking the name of an Application allows you to view more details including:

  • It's name, deployment type (Kustomize or Helm), URL for the source repository being synchronized to the cluster and the specific Path within the repository where we are looking for deployment manifests.
  • A reconciliation graph detailing the on-cluster components which have been created as a result of the deployment.
  • Information from Flux regarding the state of the reconciliation
  • A list of the 10 most recent commits to the source git repository helping you to verify which change has been applied to the cluster. This includes a hyperlink back to your git provider for each commit.

Future development

The GitOps Dashboard is under active development, watch this space for exciting new features.