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Version: 0.4.0


gitops app add#

Add a workload repository to a gitops cluster


Associates an additional application in a git repository with a gitops cluster so that its contents may be managed via GitOps

gitops app add [--name <name>] [--url <url>] [--branch <branch>] [--path <path within repository>] <repository directory> [flags]


  # Add application to gitops control from local git repository  gitops app add .
  # Add podinfo application to gitops control from github repository  gitops app add --url
  # Get status of podinfo application  gitops app status podinfo


      --app-config-url string                  URL of external repository (if any) which will hold automation manifests; NONE to store only in the cluster      --auto-merge                             If set, 'gitops app add' will merge automatically into the set --branch      --branch string                          Branch to watch within git repository      --chart string                           Specify chart for helm source      --deployment-type string                 deployment type [kustomize, helm] (default "kustomize")      --dry-run                                If set, 'gitops app add' will not make any changes to the system; it will just display the actions that would have been taken      --helm-release-target-namespace string   Namespace in which to deploy a helm chart; defaults to the gitops installation namespace  -h, --help                                   help for add      --name string                            Name of application      --path string                            Path of files within git repository (default "./")      --url string                             URL of remote repository

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -e, --endpoint string    The Weave GitOps Enterprise HTTP API endpoint      --namespace string   gitops runtime namespace (default "wego-system")  -v, --verbose            Enable verbose output


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