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Version: 0.23.0

Weave GitOps Enterprise Edition Enterprise

Ready for more GitOps?

To purchase entitlement to Weave GitOps Enterprise Edition please contact

WGEE provides ops teams with an easy way to assess the health of multiple clusters in a single place. It shows cluster information such as Kubernetes version and number of nodes and provides details about the GitOps operations on those clusters, such as Git repositories and recent commits. Additionally, it aggregates Prometheus alerts to assist with troubleshooting.

If you have already purchased your entitlement, head to the installation page.

Feature breakdown​

In addition to the features in the OSS edition, Weave GitOps Enterprise Edition offers the following capabilities, taking your delivery from simple CD to IDP:

β›΅ Cluster Fleet Management​

Deploy the same application into many different clusters even across cloud and hybrid environments, allowing change deployments across the fleet via Git and Cluster API.

πŸ” Trusted Application Delivery​

Add policy as code to GitOps pipelines and enforce security and compliance, application resilience and coding standards from source to production. Validate policy conformance at every step in the software delivery pipeline: commit, build, deploy and run time.

⏭️ Progressive Delivery​

Deploy into production environments safely using canary, blue/green and A/B strategies. Simple single file configuration defines success / rollback SLO using observability metrics from Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic and others.

♾️ CD Pipelines​

Rollout new software from development to production. Environment rollouts that work with your existing CI system.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ­πŸ‘©β€πŸ­ Team Workspaces​

Allow DevOps teams to work seamlessly together with multi-tenancy. Total RBAC control and policy enforcement with integration to enterprise IAM.

πŸ‘† Self-Service Templates and Profiles​

Component profiles enable teams to deploy standard services quickly, consistently and reliably. Teams can curate the profiles that are available within their estate ensuring there is consistency everywhere. Using GitOps it's easy to guarantee the latest, secure versions of any component are deployed in all production systems.

πŸ’– Health Status and Compliance Dashboards​

Gain a single view of the health and state of the cluster and its workloads. Monitor deployments and alert on policy violations across apps and clusters.

🧭 Kubernetes Anywhere​

Reduce complexity with GitOps and install across all major target environments including support for on-premise, edge, hybrid, and multi-cloud Kubernetes clusters

πŸ”” Critical 24/7 Support​

Your business and workloads operate around the clock and so do we. Our team operates 24/7 so whenever there’s a problem our experts are there to help. Operate with confidence - we’ve got your back!