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Version: 0.18.0

Setting Up Pipelines to Notify a Jenkins Webhook Enterprise

Using Flux's Notification Controller, a Jenkins Webhook can be invoked on Pipeline promotion events.

Configuring Jenkins

To enable external callers to trigger a build on a job, an additional "Generic Webhook Trigger" plugin is required as Jenkins does not have this functionality built-in.

After the plugin is installed a new "Generic Webhook Trigger" job configuration option is available.

The only mandatory field is the "Token". Without this token, Jenkins will not know which build should be triggered.

an example token

Post content parameters

To access fields from the pipeline event payload, each field has to be defined as a "Post content parameters".

extract reason from the post content

Expand to see an example Promotion Event payload
"involvedObject": {
"kind": "Pipeline",
"namespace": "flux-system",
"name": "podinfo-pipeline",
"uid": "74d9e3b6-0269-4c12-9051-3ce8cfb7886f",
"apiVersion": "",
"resourceVersion": "373617"
"severity": "info",
"timestamp": "2023-02-08T12:34:13Z",
"message": "Promote pipeline flux-system/podinfo-pipeline to prod with version 6.1.5",
"reason": "Promote",
"reportingController": "pipeline-controller",
"reportingInstance": "chart-pipeline-controller-8549867565-7822g"

Configure Notification Provider

In order to be able to invoke a generic webhook, a notification provider has to be defined. Jenkins expects the secret token which you configured above as a GET parameter or in the request header. The secret token can be stored in a Secret:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
type: Opaque
name: jenkins-token
namespace: podinfo
headers: |
token: epicsecret

Now we can define a Notification Provider using this secret:

kind: Provider
name: jenkins-promotion
namespace: podinfo
type: generic
address: https://jenkins.domain.tld/generic-webhook-trigger/invoke
name: jenkins-token

Set Up Alerts

We can configure an Alert to use the jenkins-promotion provider. For example an Alert for the podinfo-pipeline in the flux-system namespace:

kind: Alert
name: podinfo-pipeline-promotion
namespace: podinfo
eventSeverity: info
- kind: Pipeline
name: podinfo-pipeline
namespace: flux-system
name: jenkins-promotion