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Version: 0.10.2


gitops beta run

Set up an interactive sync between your cluster and your local file system


This will set up a sync between the cluster in your kubeconfig and the path that you specify on your local filesystem. If you do not have Flux installed on the cluster then this will add it to the cluster automatically. This is a requirement so we can sync the files successfully from your local system onto the cluster. Flux will take care of producing the objects for you.

gitops beta run [flags]


# Run the sync on the current working directory
gitops beta run . [flags]

# Run the sync against the dev overlay path
gitops beta run ./deploy/overlays/dev

# Run the sync on the dev directory and forward the port.
# Listen on port 8080 on localhost, forwarding to 5000 in a pod of the service app.
gitops beta run ./dev --port-forward port=8080:5000,resource=svc/app

# Run the sync on the dev directory with a specified root dir.
gitops beta run ./clusters/default/dev --root-dir ./clusters/default

# Run the sync on the podinfo demo.
git clone
cd podinfo
gitops beta run ./deploy/overlays/dev --timeout 3m --port-forward namespace=dev,resource=svc/backend,port=9898:9898


      --allow-k8s-context strings          The name of the KubeConfig context to explicitly allow.
--components strings The Flux components to install. (default [source-controller,kustomize-controller,helm-controller,notification-controller])
--components-extra strings Additional Flux components to install, allowed values are image-reflector-controller,image-automation-controller.
--context string The name of the kubeconfig context to use
--dashboard-hashed-password string GitOps Dashboard password in BCrypt hash format
--dashboard-port string GitOps Dashboard port (default "9001")
--flux-version string The version of Flux to install. (default "0.36.0")
-h, --help help for run
--no-bootstrap Disable bootstrapping at shutdown.
--no-session Disable session management. If not specified, the session will be enabled by default.
--port-forward string Forward the port from a cluster's resource to your local machine i.e. 'port=8080:8080,resource=svc/app'.
--root-dir string Specify the root directory to watch for changes. If not specified, the root of Git repository will be used.
--session-name string Specify the name of the session. If not specified, the name of the current branch and the last commit id will be used. (default "run-main-b9c6f457-dirty")
--session-namespace string Specify the namespace of the session. (default "default")
--skip-resource-cleanup Skip resource cleanup. If not specified, the GitOps Run resources will be deleted by default.
--timeout duration The timeout for operations during GitOps Run. (default 5m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -e, --endpoint WEAVE_GITOPS_ENTERPRISE_API_URL   The Weave GitOps Enterprise HTTP API endpoint can be set with WEAVE_GITOPS_ENTERPRISE_API_URL environment variable
--insecure-skip-tls-verify If true, the server's certificate will not be checked for validity. This will make your HTTPS connections insecure
--kubeconfig string Paths to a kubeconfig. Only required if out-of-cluster.
--namespace string The namespace scope for this operation (default "flux-system")
-p, --password WEAVE_GITOPS_PASSWORD The Weave GitOps Enterprise password for authentication can be set with WEAVE_GITOPS_PASSWORD environment variable
-u, --username WEAVE_GITOPS_USERNAME The Weave GitOps Enterprise username for authentication can be set with WEAVE_GITOPS_USERNAME environment variable


  • gitops beta - This component contains unstable or still-in-development functionality